Extensiones: J2T Points & Rewards

This module allow the customers do gather points on products they are buying.
The points can be redeemed for discount on their purchase.

Upon installing this module, you need to create a shopping cart promotion named ‘points’ and an attribute called ‘reward_points’.

You can specify an amount of point for a product, or let the system do the job.
You can configure the module by updating the values in : System > Configuration > Reward Points.


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This module allow the customers do gather points within an order, upon registration, while referring a friend or event when posting reviews (only validated reviews).
The points can be redeemed for discount on purchase.

Main features

  • Add points while registering
  • Add points on shopping cart grand total
  • Add points on according to cart or catalog rules
  • Send invitation to friends… you get points when they order
  • Addthis embedding is possible to share referral link
  • It is possible to specify specific points amount per product
  • The processing way when using points are: step value (for example, 250points per 250) or automatic use or free field
  • Maximum usage per order may be specified
  • You can decide to use different math method when using points: round, ceil, exact value
  • Shipping fees might be included when using points discount
  • Discounts can be applied on product including or excluding tax

Upon installation of this module, you can create an attribute called ‘reward_points’, if you wish to use set point amount manually for a product
You can specify an amount of point for a product, or let the system do the job.
Main admin configuration

  • Set money to obtain 1 point
  • Set points to obtain 1 $/€ (or any currency)
  • Set the way to use points by step. (e.g. every 250 points) or not
  • Set step value (250 points) when using point by step (a select field will be shown on shopping cart)
  • Set max amount of points to be used within an order.
  • Set Catalog rules & Cart rules for points calculation (equivalent to default magento rules)

Change logs

* 1.0.1: New feature – added slider on shopping cart page
* 1.0.0: New feature – Currency rate can be use while calculating points & discounts
* 0.9.3: New feature – Promotion description added while when used with credit points (in shopping cart).
* 0.9.2: Fixing bug related to points calculation when referring a friend.
* 0.9.1: Minor bug fix in magento 1.3.x point listing in admin
* 0.9.0: Major update! With this version you can import/export points & more importantly, you can decide to include shipping fare to reward point discounts! You can decide to include or not tax amount as well.
* 0.8.1: Fixing minor issue related to step values
* 0.8.0: Adding new features such as refer-a-friend permanent link & addthis sharing
* 0.7.9: Fixing bug in magento 1.3 rule management
* 0.7.8: Fixing bug related to stats refresh
* 0.7.7: Fixing bug related to referree orders
* 0.7.6: Fixing bug related to statistics showing in admin
* 0.7.5: Improvement in order processing
* 0.7.4: Fixing bug related to account listing points problems
* 0.7.3: Fixing bug related to auto add feature
* 0.7.2: Fixing backward compatibility issues with magento 1.3
* 0.7.1: Fixing issue with points calculation introduced in version 0.7
* 0.7: The module goes multishipping
* 0.6.1: Fixing issue while installing the module
* 0.6: This version is introducing shopping cart and catalog rules. The module is now fully compatible with magento The code has been fully re-written to avoid compatibility issues while upgrading magento
* Making the module compatible with magento 1.4.1 (don’t forget to empty the cache after installing ;))
* Fixing bug introduced with magento 1.4 regarding points gathering & use (order status are processed differently)
* Fixing bug within coucon template
* 0.5.1: Add ability to use all available points automatically


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