Extensiones: Post Affiliate Pro Connector

An affiliate scheme can be a great way to increase your ecommerce site’s sales, and the Post Affiliate Pro Connector extension instantly integrates Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) into Magento.  This extension for Magento automatically handles click and sale affiliate tracking, tracks affiliate sales using Javascript or PHP API, accepts referrals to any page of your online store, and much more!

  • Overview

    Post Affiliate Pro Connector

    See http://www.priacta.com/code/magento-affiliate/magento-post-affiliate-pro.php for full details. Provides seamless integration with Post Affiliate Pro. PAP is a beautiful, full featured, low cost affiliate tracking solution. The Connector handles click and sales tracking, provides a Magento based sign up form, and adds additional features not available otherwise. A full list of features is available at http://www.priacta.com/code/magento-affiliate/magento-post-affiliate-pro.php

    Support is FREE

    If it isn’t working, contact support or post in the forum and someone WILL help you.


    “It doesn’t work”

    Did you remember to click an affiliate link before making a test order? It might sound silly, and it is a bit like forgetting to plug in the computer, but this is also the #1 reason for this to fail. You have to click an affiliate link before testing the sale tracking.

    Is your request getting redirected? (1.4.x and above only) Go to System->Configuration->General->Web->Url Options. Make sure “Redirect to Base URL if requested URL doesn’t match it” is set to “No”. This isn’t strictly necessary, however, if you don’t do this, anyone who doesn’t follow the proper www’ness in links will have tracking requests dropped. Setting this to “No” prevents these kinds of problems.

    Did you install using the Magento Connect Manager? For some reason the Magento Connect Manager works VERY poorly on some servers. Try a manual install (download here.)

    Did you configure it properly? Double check your configuration, and pay attention to the hints with each option. If you don’t have hints with your options, the Magento Connect Manager may have installed an ancient version. Try a manual install (download here.)

    (1.3.x and earlier only) Are you using a custom default theme? Some designers deliver themes as custom default (top level) themes. This can hurt your compatibility with future Magento updates, and prevents many extensions from working until files are copied over. If you have a custom default theme installed, you’ll need to copy layout/pap.xml and template/pap/ into your new theme. This is a fundamental Magento limitation. Non-default themes will not have a problem.

    Are you using an unsupported payment processor? All non-redirecting payment processors are supported. PayPal and Google Checkout are also supported now. Other redirecting payment methods will likely require special additional integration.

    “I get an error ‘Could not communicate order status change to PAP. Your API file may not match your PAP installation.'”

    This is a notice, not an error. Everything is OK, but one of the features of the connector module didn’t work. Usually this means you need to update the API file. This shouldn’t normally happen, except with PAP hosted accounts.

    To fix it, you should log into your PAP account, go to “Tools” and download the latest API file. Use FTP to upload this file to your server at lib/PAP (you should overwrite the existing PapApi.class.php file.)

    It is possible that you could get this, or a similar error, if the API username and password in the configuration are incorrect. Make sure to set these to your PAP merchant’s username and password (the ones you use to log into PAP and download the updated API file.)

    “I can’t figure out how to ____________”

    Don’t give up. Don’t get angry. It is almost certainly possible. Contact support or post in the forum and ask for help. It’s free, and you’ll feel better.

    “I found a bug” Contact support or post in the forum and report it. We’ll fix it ASAP.

    “Do you do custom development” No, not at this time.


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