Wordpress and Magento integration extension

This extension has now been replaced by the far superior deluxe edition. It is still available for download, but we recommend using the deluxe edition.

We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here, nor are we going into any depth of connecting the authentication modules. From a front-end standpoint, the two “elements” wordpress and magento are essentially one – but all administration is carried out via either separate admin. With this extension, it is easy to facilitate your magento wordpress integration.

Where our solution works better than the others (Lazzymonks or ActiveCodeline), it actually allows the clean search engine optimised URL’s from WordPress to be used in Magento’s breadcrumbs and address bar. It also takes advantage of Magento’s standard caching functionality, so the speed is very impressive. We also integrated the “Pages” listing in the sidebar with that of the Magento CMS, so you can use WordPress for posts and still retain the Magento CMS for pages.

Combining Magento and WordPress provides a big thumbs up for SEO, ease of use and performance.

So why use the WordPress Magento extension?

  • Includes breadcrumbs
  • Supports SEO Urls
  • Supports META tags
  • It is free! (we can also install it for you for a small fee)
  • It comes with a feed widget for both comments and posts *new
  • Now integrates Magento user’s profile for posting comments *new


Installation might not be that straightforward as we developed it purely for a quick and clever wordpress / magento intergration, so we’ll try to explain as best we can!

This was tested and used with WordPress 2.8 with Magento and WordPress 2.8 with Magento at the time of writing


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